Turning Point: Fall of Liberty 1.1

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty 1.1

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty takes players into a world at war
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The historians relate that on December 13, 1931 a British diplomat who was very little known by then had an accident with a taxi in New York. From that day, Winston Churchill needed a cane that did not impede him to become the brilliant statesman, skillful politician and British prime minister who during the most difficult years of the World War II was capable to face the German army of Hitler.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is an action first person shooter game developed by Spark Unlimited involved in an alternative reality in which Winston Churchill dies in that accident in 1931, eight years before the start of World War Two.

Without the strong leadership of Churchill, Great Britain falls under the Nazi forces and the Powers of the Axis in 1940 and so does the rest of Europe, as well as the north of Africa, Middle East and the Soviet Union. A short time later, in 1953, the war arrives at the coast of the U.S.

In Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the player assumes the role of Dan Carson, a New York construction laborer who doesn't have any military experience. He will change the plans to the Nazis who are invading New York. In this game, the objective is to survive in an environment of total war as a fighter of the resistance.
Talking about the graphic issues, the settings, the weapons and the Nazi vehicles have a great design. The three cities of the game, an almost post-apocalyptic New York, Washington and London, are faithfully recreated according to the years in which the play elapses, with its symbolic buildings, such as the Empire State building, the Chrysler Building or the Statue of Liberty completely destroyed, the Tower of London, the Capitol and the White House at Washington, or the common buildings of that years.
On the other hand, this game shows a somewhat polygonal main character, civilians, allies and enemies, as well as flat textures, not very well detailed and unrealistic robot-like animations.

LG Senior editor
Lucas Gabriel Artigas Y Cara
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  • Great story


  • Animated characters are somewhat polygonal


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